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Explore the 2019 Volvo XC40 in the Woodlands

If you're looking for a modern compact SUV, then the 2019 Volvo XC40 is here for you. The XC40 is Volvo's most recent contribution to the automotive world, and its new design is inspired. At Volvo Cars of the Woodlands, we are incredibly impressed with this new vehicle that is carrying compact SUVs into the future. We know that our customers will be just as impressed as we are by the XC40, so we encourage you to stop by our dealership to get a closer look, or read on to learn what's new on this exciting model.

An Inspired Design


Volvo has imagined a friendlier style for this new XC40, unlike many vehicles in its class, it does not try to emulate a squared, bulky SUV, instead it opts for sharp contours and an energetic, youthful look. This compact SUV brings some welcome style into the class with distinctive taillights, headlights, and wheels. The nickname for this new vehicle on the Volvo engineering team was the "Tough Little Robot," in reference to its modern, yet playful stance and design.

Our Spring, TX customers are going to love this slick, city-ready crossover and its unmistakable style; the XC40 is here and is ready to turn some heads.


The XC40 works to emulate some of the better features in its class while removing as many weaknesses as possible. It keeps the high seating position common in compact SUVs, but sheds the bulkiness that leads to a lazy, uninspiring drive. It keeps the security that is expected for a vehicle of its size, but opens up the windows for a brightly-lit interior.

This is a luxury crossover, and that luxury is at the forefront of the XC40's intelligent design. The XC40 is one of the most refined crossovers on the market and it is available near Tomball, TX now.


The XC40 is equipped with 18- to 20-inch wheels so you can choose how high off the ground you sit. Its dimensions are in line with what the rest of the class is doing, so there's nothing really radical about its size. With a 174.2-inch length, 73.3-inch width, and 65.3-inch height, the XC40 will comfortably maneuver in traffic and fit into tight parking spots.

The interior is spacious with 95 cubic ft. of passenger volume and 21 cubic ft. of cargo volume, so you can load up with gear and still comfortably fit friends and family.


Luxury, Comfort, and Safety

Interior Features

Volvo has done something special with the XC40's interior technology, this car is a showcase of some of the most advanced technologies out there. The audio systems have been designed to deliver precise, powerful sound that lets you appreciate your music the way the artists intended. Smart device compatibility comes standard and you can easily integrate your apps, media, and communications into your daily commute.

Connectivity is growing more and more important, so the XC40 gives you plenty of features to keep you connected with your friends, partners, and the road. A storage space on the tunnel console safely stores and wirelessly charges your phone. The Volvo On Call app lets you pre-heat, lock, and locate your vehicle all from the convenience of your smart phone.

Interior Comfort

The interior is designed with the Scandinavian comfort that you expect from a Volvo. Stitched leather seats keep you comfortable while allowing you to customize your cabin with different color options. Your spacious, well-lit cabin gives you plenty of legroom and large in-door storage to reduce clutter.

An advanced air conditioning system also gives you clean air so you can feel right at home even if you're driving through a busy city.

Volvo Safety

The Volvo brand is nearly synonymous with safety, and the XC40 brings some serious innovations to enhance your security on the Conroe roads. The City Safety system monitors for other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and more so it can warn you of an imminent collision. If you don't react in time, the system can even take over and automatically brake. Run-off Road Mitigation keeps you safe by keeping you in control. If the vehicle senses that you're drifting off the road, it automatically brings you back where you need to be.

Nothing ever does beat good old-fashioned safety systems though, and the Volvo XC40 is well-equipped with a powerful airbag system and Volvo's signature safety cage. Volvo's goal is to eliminate deaths and serious injuries in Volvo cars by 2020, so if you want a vehicle that takes safety seriously near Kingwood, go for the new XC40.

Power and Performance

Engine Lineup

The lightweight powertrains do an excellent job of balancing power and efficiency, making the XC40 an ideal performer in a city setting. The turbocharged Drive-E powertrain gives you 248 horsepower so you can have a confident, enjoyable ride. Standard AWD gives you the capabilities to deal with adverse conditions and rough roads, making this a competent SUV in the Woodlands.

Performance Features

The XC40 also uses modern technology to enhance its driving capabilities. The customizable power steering allows you to adjust between three levels of steering feel and sensitivity, while the drive mode control system lets you optimize the powertrain to different conditions. Start/Stop technology also reduces fuel consumption by cutting off the engine when you stop, and then seamlessly restarting it.

These features and more create a modern drive available near Spring, TX.

Sizing Up the Competition

Volvo XC40

Audi Q3


Mercedes-Benz GLA

Lexus NX

Infiniti QX30


There's a lot of competition in the crossover class, and now that luxury brands have moved in, the competition just got fiercer. The XC40 stands its ground with its standard technology and powerful drivetrains. Standard AWD helps the Volvo pull ahead of vehicles like the Audi Q3 or the BMW X1. Its powerful engine also overpowers the Q3, Mercedes GLA, Lexus NX, and Infiniti QX30.

Few brands can stand up to the safety offerings of any Volvo vehicle, and the XC40's standard suite of advanced driver-assist features put it out in front of the QX30, the NX, and the Q3. Plus, no brand takes safety as seriously as Volvo, so if you're looking for a true commitment to innovation in safety, then the XC40 is the vehicle for you.


Volvo is Changing the Market

Ask our sales professionals about the Care by Volvo plan, it's a whole new way to approach car ownership. This system is similar to an all-inclusive lease, as Volvo takes care of insurance, regular maintenance, wear items, and roadside assistance all for one monthly payment. This system also utilizes Volvo's extensive network of dealers, so you can still do business at Volvo Cars of the Woodlands.

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